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Smart Lock

Smart locks are exactly as the name implies. They are so smart, that they can detect when you are at the door via your Bluetooth connection in your phone. Furthermore, they will unlock the door for you, saving you the hassle of fumbling around in your handbag for keys. One of the most convenient things about smart locks is that you will never have to cut a key again. You can give access to your home to friends, family, the cleaner or contractors at designated time slots from your phone without even being there. Some may question how secure they are. Whereas, traditional keys can be lost and duplicated, smart locks use the same security protocols used for bank systems and this digital encryption cannot break and is impossible to duplicate. That said, some of you may still prefer the traditional lock and key, but there is no denying that Smart Locks are here to stay and are paving the way for the future and the way we secure our homes.

Transform your front door into a smart one with ENTR™. Eliminating the need for keys, ENTR™ allows you to control access right from your smartphone, tablet and a variety of other devices such as a fingerprint reader, touchpad or remote control. ENTR™ gives convenience, security and options.